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What is Coaching ?

Coaching is a guided process of discovery through which you explore life challenges of your chosing. As a coach my role is to listen and ask potent questions to help you find your own answers. Tgether we will tap into your own life experience, bring to the surface limiting beliefs, explore different  ways of moving through challenges and develop strategies that are actionable for you step by step in your daily life.

How does it work ?

A typical session has different components the first part being conversational.

The second part is exploratory. As a somatic and creative coach I will suggest different mindfulness based paths of exploration from breath awareness to active imagination.

Thirdly,  we will formulate a simple action plan with steps that are suited to you. 

What is the cost?

Individual Sessions – I am currently offering individual somatic coaching sessions online as a one-time consult – or in an ongoing way – with a “pay what you are able” sliding scale in light of the current worldwide financial uncertainty.

30 min. ($40-90) | 60 min. ($70-145)

Specialized Coaching

Somatic Yoga | Creativity

Begin or deepen  your pratice and  integration in daily life.

For creatives and athletes.

For people seeking an alternative approach to stress, depression and anxiety.

30 min. ($40-90) | 60 min. ($70-145)




6-60 min 

Coaching Sessions


E-mail Support Weekly


3O min Reiki





12-60 min

Coaching | Reiki Sessions


E-mail Support Bi-Weekly


6O min Life|Art





4-60 min

 Reiki Sessions


 E-mail Support Weekly


6O min Coaching Chakra Balancing



60 min Clarity Session

In this session I would like to give you a taste of the possible by experiencing  this unique body centered, mindfulness based approach to coaching.  As you tell me about your dreams and goals,  I will guide you  to connect with your own creative knowing from which springs clarity. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Coaching with Horses


I have been in recovery for the past 4½ months and I am completely honest when I say that “yoga days” are my favorite. When I wake up feeling irritation, discomfort or negative emotions, I know that when that hour comes I will find peacefulness and that time is enough to show me that anything is possible. I am not sure how I would have gone through all my negative emotions without Ms.  Andrée’s support.


The process of yoga has deeply improved how I breathe through different emotional situations. The tuning of my mind with my body has  created a positive  relationship between the two. 

I did not  realize how connected my body and my emotions affected each other. This is a much needed practice to regain my desire to continue living on this earth.


Yoga has been by far the most beneficial group I have had in all my time in recovery. When I came here 4 months ago I was very angry, anxious and extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. I signed up for 2 classes a week and it instanstly became my favorite group. I’ve gotten more out of yoga class than i have from any book/worksheet. 

I have learnt how to feel comfortable in my own skin. I have been able to safely deal with my triggers, cravings and drug dreams. I now feel more confident in my recovery.