Are you feeling exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed?

To many voices in your head?

Let me help you focus your mind

and find your breath

so you can get more out of life, regardless

 body mind spirit

Mindfulness Based 360 Coaching

mindfulness practice helps us handle


fear, and depression,

and cultivates


and physical health


What people have to say about their coaching experience with me

Andrée holds Wise Woman counseI steeped in deep listening and spaciousness, reflecting insight and metaphor so as to see your own story. I imagine it as a type of magical realism – as she brings curiosity and mystery, asking artful questions to help illumine my pathway. I always look forward to our inner adventures together!


Massage Therapist

The process of yoga has deeply improved how I breathe through different emotional situations. The tuning of my mind with my body has  created a positive  relationship between the two. I did not  realize how connected my body and my emotions affected each other. This is a much needed practice to regain my desire to continue living on this earth.


“ The result of the coaching session with Andrée blew my mind. I came with my problem, talked about the issues that bothered me. Andrée listened patiently with an open mind and after I finished my speech, she started asking clever questions and, as I was answering them, I saw my situation in a completely different light, I had an Aha moment. I continued to have insights for the next few days and know now what my next step in life is. I am feeling relaxed, hopeful and clear as a result of the session. Thank you, Andrée! You are a godsend. “



Yoga has been by far the most beneficial group I have had in all my time in recovery. When I came here 4 months ago I was very angry, anxious and extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. I signed up for 2 classes a week and it instantly became my favorite group. I’ve gotten more out of yoga class than i have from any book/worksheet. 

I have learnt how to feel comfortable in my own skin. I have been able to safely deal with my triggers, cravings and drug dreams. I now feel more confident in my recovery


Andrée Baillargeon

Certified Strategic Intervention and Life|Art Coach

Somatic Movement | Expressive Arts Educator

Reiki Master  Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Not sure if coaching is for you? Try a mini session

30 min Clarity Session

Let’s see how I can support you . In this mini session , we will explore your challenge. I will guide you to experience inner calm and from there we will draft a roadmap to working together  that supports you to acheive your goals. Looking forward to meeting you!

come for the unexpected

come for uncommon insights