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My Conversation On Being A Voice For Horses : Connection and  Reciprocity


Dynamic Stillness

MiniSeries 1

Flow As Learning Space

A  guided somatic mini series that introduces  meditation as gentle flowing movement to explore sensory spaciousness. Centering in our breath, we learn to follow our body’s impulses listening to what feels right for us in this moment thus unwinding tension and opening the door to the potential of resonant states of being.

Dynamic stillness is a tool to develop presence through wellness and the cultivation of an open ground to connect with all our relations, horses and humans alike.

Open to all, no experience necessary.

March 31 to April 21

8-9 pm EST

Circle of Horses

Circle of Women

8 Week

Story-Lab Sanctuary

Exploring the umapped territory of the voices that arise between horses, creatures, land and women; come ready for a creative adventure steeped in non linear thinking,  punctuated by breathing pauses and meditative stillness  to savor new vistas.

Our personal horse centered stories are like seeds to connect us in deeper and richer ways to rekindling reciprocity with the natural world.  Finding creative inspiration between words to utter, images to feel and gestures to inhabit we tap into the possibilities of a language that invites  convivial encounters.

See this story-lab  space as a santuary, a place to be heard and seen.  Sharing and re-shaping our stories is as sacred and vital to our individual voices and wellbeing as it is to our collective minds and hearts 

What if between us and our horses lives a yet unborn ecological self as path for renewal and mutual healing?

Open to all.

May  2 to June 6

11 am- 1 pm EST

Hoof Beat•Heart Beat

MiniSeries 1

Find Your Rhythm

Are you yearning to move to your own beat?  Come and enjoy this intuitive approach to finding one’s rhythm!

To begin, we will tune into meditative states to calm our minds, connect with the beat of our heart, the flow of our breath, the needs of our bodies; center and arrive fully to ourselves. From this place, piece by piece we will expand outwards befriending our moving|dancing body as it unfolds into new rhythms.

Guided journeys of somatic awareness, that flow through soundscapes and world music to return home to a still and reflective  meditative pause.

Open to all, move|dance as only you can…

April 29 to May 20

12 -1 pm EST

Coming Soon

Personal Retreats and Reiki Level 1 Training

30 min Clarity Session

In this session I would like to give you a taste of the possible by experiencing  this unique body centered, mindfulness based approach to coaching.  As you tell me about your dreams and goals,  I will guide you  to connect with your own creative knowing from which springs clarity. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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