with Horses

connecting from the heart

with OneSelf

Are You Yearning For

A Deeper, Richer, Fuller Relationship

With Your Horse?

 Come for the journey

to re-connect  with horses and their world.

To align with nature as living process.

By attuning inner and outer worlds we learn

to listen between words and

embody inspirited dialogues with horses.

Connection does not just happen.

It is built. It is nurtured. It is felt. It is experienced.

Each interaction is an opportunity to understand

ourself and the other a little more as OneSelf.

No need to be perfect but present and curious.

It is like a dance.

It needs a different language.



Dynamic Stillness

Soma refers to our body as a living process that is inately intelligent and capable of self-organizing.

By slowing down and paying attention to our breath we learn to  listen to the body’s guidance to release tension.


Life|Art Exploration

Horses and movement are inseparable. Looking at these interactions from art based languages such as dance, writing and image making we approach our horses as partners in movement dialogues.


 Reiki Energetics

Reiki is a gentle hands on technique to support the balancing of our body systems. It is safe, easy to learn, can be used on people and animals. It is awonderful way to bond from the heart and support wholeness.

“If You Can Walk, You Can Dance”

Come for the Unexpected, Explore Uncommon Insights


Since beginning to ride horses my passion has been for classical dressage . Riding  under the guidance of Pamela Goodrich, Pierre St-Jaacques and David Collins I gained a solid education based on the classical training pyramid. The 6 steps of this system are : rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straighness and collection.  For 15 years I worked in competitive dressage barns starting as working student and eventually becoming assistant traner and barn manager.  My personal interest never lied in the show ring but in the daily work and riding of horses. I loved, and still do, figuring out what makes a horse tic, what make a particular horse develop into the best version of  itself , body mind and spirit.
With time I became interested in centered riding, natural horsemanship and liberty training  but most of all was totally intrigued by Klaus Hempling’s work with horses. Discovering Hemplfing’s work re-ignited my passion for uncovering and empowering  my horse’s total being and spirit. Here began the journey that led me to travel out to the west coast and explore the world of the wild horses, the writings of Linda Kohanov and various equine assisted learning approaches.
 Certified in Equine Massage Therapy and Body-Mind Coaching with Horses.
In this work of coaching with horses, I use this experience to guide you. I do not offer riding sessions per say but I can help trouble shoot  riding problems by fine tuning your somatic awareness and connection to your horse as well as refining the dialogue of your own specific “dance” with your equine partner.

Being with horses is where my heart and soul truly come to life.

 After 15 years of working profesionally with horses mainly as assitant trainer and instructor in dressage barns one day I had to face the fact I just was not having fun anymore. Taking time away from the horses I found myself re-connecting with my creativity through the Tamalpa Life-Art Bridge process an art based somatic process that was weaving my interest for art making, somatics, healing and self-discovery.

Shortly after my training, enticed to stop forward movement as I knew it by a horse that embodied statue mode, systematically contesting every request even refusing to walk. As a somatic artist-practitioner I was intrigued and baffled; horses and movement are inseparable. This horse, Salina became my teacher and guide on the journey of integrating the Life-Art process into my horse interactions. There is more to a dance than the steps, there are those wildish and evanescent elements of connection, attunement and intimacy that escape training, that are crafted through shared experience and found between words.

My curiosity for this process that seems to open the door to personal wholeness through deep nature connection and interspecies communication keeps growing as my renewed love for “dancing” with my horse. To this day my horse seeks me as another moving being.

My deepest wish is to enrich the life of the horses we love by sharing with you this unique path to relationship, connection, attunement and intimacy that to me is nothing short than a return to magical encounters.

Individual  Sessions

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I am looking for a small core group of dedicated people to help me shape a course.
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20 min Clarity Session

Let’s see how I can support you . In this mini session , we will explore your challenge. I will guide you to experience inner calm and from there we will draft a roadmap to working together  that supports you to acheive your goals. Looking forward to meeting you!

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