Who Are We Now?

The present moment is our most potent and creative  ally  yet so many times it escapes us, as we look towards the past or the future. It’s wildish nature  seems unruly only to the tamed heart.

Life Coaching | Creativity and Yoga

All the things that I am – artist, designer, yoga teacher, somatic educator, horsewoman, life coach, healer- are woven together like the warp and weft threads of cloth where creativity and vitality cannot exist without each other. We are multidimensional beings.

With a bachelors degree in environmental biology and a masters in art, I have always been a dot connector. It is following this thread that three decades ago I came into contact with Butoh, a post-modern Japanese form of dance-theater and a field of study called somatic education.  As I quickly became a regular in the dance studios, not as a dancer but as a visual artist exploring my image making language through movement my curiosity expanded into a life long source of inspiration and awe for the very fine weavings of the life process as expressed through our bodies.  Exploring such pathways as the Feldenkrais Method®, the Alexander Technique®, and Continuum Movement®, it became clear to me that the interconnections between art and somatic awareness were helping me get better at what I love – including riding horses – by empowering latent abilities.  For the past 10 years, working primarily with the Tamalpa Life|Art Process®, I have mastered a very powerful inter-modal system that engages body, mind and spirit in creative dialogues of discovery.  Today, as an Activation Method Life Coach® I am grateful  for this rich life enhancing legacy of learning and experience and excited to guide others, like you, who are looking to come home to the freedom of simply being, yourself.

What if all the answers you seek where already there inside you?

A Somatic Approach

“Every One of  Us is Worth Coming Home To”


Eskimo-Kalaallit elder from Greenland

“Whenever we touch nature we get clean. People who have got dirty through too much civilization take a walk in the woods, or a bath in the sea. Entering the unconscious, entering yourself through dreams, is touching nature from the inside and this is the same thing, things are put right again.”  C.G. Jung


Art  Embodied  Heals

Blind Torrent  |  Enclave Production

The nature we see around us lives inside of us where it’s intelligence and nourishment live. Nothing is static, our bodies like nature are in a constant state of flow as are our cells, organs, emotions, relationships.

Somatic awareness can be seen as a bridge between our inner and outer landscape, an organic path of self discovery where befriending the body connects us to our own truth. It is a process that benefits our health, relationships and life by teaching through experience. This is wisdom. Like a river it flows moment by moment leading to resilience, confidence and emotional intelligence in the face of challenge.
Nothing is static, change if life. With the Life | Art Process® we move through cycles like the seasons learning to let go, rest and renew. We learn to create our life, that is the artist’s way the capacity to master the familiar with curiosity, grace and courage.
When we become present in the moment we free ourselves from the grip of fear,  curiosity and wonder renews our very being.

Curious about somatic approaches?

moving naturally from an uncluttered space

Karin Rugman

Experience this Moment

Calm | Centered | Aware


Meditation as Movement

It is easy to think that meditation is the act of sitting in perfect stillness , on the floor with eyes closed and legs crossed. There are many kinds of meditation most of which share the goal of helping us find inner peace .

When we approach meditation from a somatic point of view we invite the possibilities of movement  and body-mind dialogues to teach us and express what very often there are no words for. Non verbal expression frees tensions, released the charge behind emotions, brings in an influx of well being and an openess to experience life beyond our habitual patterns.

When we engage in yoga with a somatic mind set we tap into the wisdom of the ages. We connect with the very roots of yoga which are to be found in the embodiment of natural patterns and  rhythm.

Postures become a journey path into the inner studio of yoga where the alchemy of nature can shine through to bring balance to our systems. 

The meditative mind is a state of being we can learn to cultivate in every facet of our everyday life to find more ease, gain clarity, experience pleasure and  the creativity to flow in relationship with  life.

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Life Coaching | Creativity and Yoga

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